Uppora collects the following information from you:

  • Your email address, which is used to send notifications, logging into your account, and linking processed payments. Uppora will never sell your email to any third-party marketing companies.
  • Any additional email addresses you list for notification. These addresses will never be shared with any other party and are notified when a site is down.
  • All URLs being monitored are stored in our database but are never shared with any other party.
  • Browser cookies are used to maintain your logged-in session and for website analytics.
  • Your credit card number is stored and processed by a trusted payment processor Stripe.com. Credit card numbers go straight to Stripe and Uppora only stores the last four digits for your account page.

Information Uppora does not collect:

  • Your full credit card number is not stored in Uppora's database.

Contact support@uppora.net for more help.