How Uppora Works

An alert in your inbox the second something isn't right.

Simply tell Uppora which site you want to check.

Quick setup.

Set up your website:

  1. Type or paste your website address.
  2. Change your frequency if you want to check less often.

Screenshot of the Add Site UI

Additional Options:

  1. The email address you sign up with will always receive alerts, but you can add more addresses here.
  2. Add notes to help you keep track of your sites.

Screenshot of the Advanced Options UI


That's all there is to it. You can view the list of your sites and edit them as needed.

Screenshot of the 'Your Sites' UI

How alerts work

When Uppora detects an a problem with your site, an email is sent to the email address you signed up with as well as any additional addresses you added.

Meanwhile, Uppora will continuously check to see if your site has returned to normal. If everything is functioning properly again, Uppora will send an "all good" email to the aforementioned addresses.

Under the hood

When Uppora checks your website, it makes an HTTP GET request and checks for a 200 or 20x response code. If a response code is bad or your site takes longer than 15 seconds to respond, Uppora will alert you with one email when the site goes down. When an "up" respone is detected again, you will be notified with one email that the site is back up.

Uppora Time?

It's Uppora Time.