Uppora tells you when your site is down. And that's it.

With effortless setup and flexible billing, Uppora makes it easy and affordable for you to know when your site goes down.

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

Uppora makes it as easy as possible to know when your site is down. After one painless set up, you can return to what you'd rather be doing. Relax, we'll take it from there.

Uppora Features:

  • Receive email alerts when your site is down.
  • See above item.

How Uppora Works

Pay per month.
No packaged bullsh*t.

You want one site? Pay for one site. You don't have to choose between costly, excessive packages. And you are free to cancel any time.

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A relentless automaton on your side :)
Why waste time checking to make sure your site is still up when an unrelenting robot can do it for you? At the end of the day, it's about your peace of mind.

As obsessed with your site as you want.
Some need checks every 60 seconds, while others may be fine with a check a day to keep the worry away. It's your choice.

Everything is better with friends!
In the unfortunate event that your site goes down, Uppora will send an alert email to as many addresses as you want.

Sometimes, websites get sleepy.

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